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Our Mission Statement- our guiding principles.

Anglo British International School, Dreams Nursery and Daycare stands for educational specialists, wholehearted commitment and comprehensive child care. Increasing demands are being made on child care facilities, since all parents want the very best for their children, right from their very first learning experiences. In addition, there is now a marked trend towards intellectual education for children, but still children also need to play, move, get enough exercise and discover their own bodies.

 Our nursery school achieves both objectives by offering space for moving around, plenty of opportunity for play, a small library and various facilities for creative activity.

Our aim is to support each child through his or her own development.

We believe that Children are the most precious members of our community. Every child within our Nursery deserves to feel safe and cared for, should look forward to each day and learn through play in a relaxed enjoyable and homely environment.

It is our belief that as a company it is our responsibility to ensure that every child attending our Nursery reach their full potential and that a child will only be able to do so if the following are achieved:
  •     They are in a safe secure, loving and caring environment within which they feel confident and supported regardless of ethnic, religious or social background. Our aim is to build confidence in children who respect themselves and others.
  •     Each child is respected, valued and recognised as an individual within the Nursery and as an important contributing member of our wider community.
  •     We work in partnership with the family and other relevant agencies to meet the child’s individual needs.
  •     Within our care we will provide a rich diversity of experiences, providing quality play and educational opportunities that allow children freedom to experiment under the guidance and supervision of qualified and dedicated staff.
  •     Our staff provide a holistic approach towards children’s development and recognise and value all religious and ethical perspectives that promote peace within an individual the community and the world. Children with all cultures and abilities are treated as individuals with equal amount of care and attention, in order that they may feel equally valued.
  •     We encourage the children to develop a philosophical approach towards their own growth as an individual and to their perspective of the world.
  •     Our Nursery will nurture a child’s natural drive to advance in all areas of development and act as a responsible member of society.

Dreams Nursery and Daycare is a wholly inclusive setting that promotes equality of opportunity, for all children and families, delivering accessible quality Childcare to the local community, enabling parents to return to work.

Dreams Nursery and Daycare seek to promote health and harmony in the family and in the local community. Our Nursery is purpose designed to enable family siblings, and children of different ages to mix during play, to promote care and respect and to fully develop social skills in a well supervised environment.

Dreams Nursery and Daycare is a social enterprise, which means we use any surplus funds to plough back into our Nursery, or into other local Children’s services.
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