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Here you can find out about how we run things at Anglo British International School, Dreams Nursery and Daycare. We need your help to keep this organisation running as smoothly as possible!


If you would like a place for your child at our centre, please make an appointment and we'll gladly take the time to explain everything you need to know. You can make an appointment by phone or by using our contact form. We look forward to meeting you!



+44 738 717 5604+44 738 717 5604

What happens if my child is ill?

It's unavoidable that small children catch all kinds of minor infections. For a speedy recovery and to prevent the other children from falling ill, children who are unwell must stay at home. Only when the fever has subsided for a whole day should you return your child to the nursery. If the disease is infectious, we'll need a doctor's note confirming that your child is no longer contagious.


It's important that parents, carers and the children in our care feel safe and confident in how we work together to build the best opportunities for the children. Dreams has a comprehensive range of policies for the smooth day to day running of the school, to promote safety, wellbeing and a solid educational foundation for the child. On registration you will have a chance to discuss these one2one with a member of staff, but all the policies are also available in digital and large print format.


Policy Brochure
This is a comprehensive document containing all our updated policies and procedures in one place.
A paper version is available, as well as barrier free versions upon demand.
Adobe Acrobat document [362.9 KB]

Here is a summary of the policies you ill find in the brochure.


Safeguarding policy

Mobile Phone and Social Media

Allegation Against Staff Policy

Accidents, Incidents from home and First Aid

Termination of registration

TV and DVD Usage

Age of admittance

Arrival and departure of children

Positive Behaviour policy

Birthday celebrations


Complaints procedure

Comments and Suggestions

Confidentiality policy

Days and hours of opening

Emergency numbers

Equal opportunities policy

Fees and payment information

Fire evacuation procedure

Health and safety policy

Key Persons and Room Transfer

Room transfer policy

Late collection of children

Meals, snacks and drinks

Notice of absence

Outings and lost children policy

Procedures where a child is lost on an outing

 Parental involvement in outings

Parental / carer involvement

Personal property

Photographs policy

Placement policy


Settling in

Sickness and medication Policy

 Sickness and illness Policy

Smoking, drugs and drinking policy

Special educational needs policy

Sun cream

Toileting and Nappies policy

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Anglo British International School, Dreams Nursery and Daycare

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Tel: +44 738 717 5604+44 738 717 5604
E-mail: info@dreamsnursery.co.uk


Dreams-Teacher Training Centre Opens in the Borough of Enfield

Dreams is proud to announce the opening of our Teacher Training Centre with WMU. Please drop by for a viewing, and find out more about the other community services available at the Unity Hub

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